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Get to Know Us

We are an Omnists Church.  We believe in the teachings of all Master Teachers.   We are a fusion of faith walks. We seek to learn  from each other and not to teach.   We seek to understand  not convert.   We have learned from Native American Medicine, Christianity, Judaism,  Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim,  Catholicism, and Spiritualist.   We accept each person on the planet as a member of our church.  

We view each as equals.  I understand this is not a complete list of faiths around our globe.  But, its a good start.   We extend an invitation to you to come teach us about your faith walk.  

We have open spiritual development circles on  how to  become a more spiritual person.   Many Seek this knowledge, and now we offer it online.

in addition we do work in a circle  to assist  with the development of psychic and mediumship skills. We know each individual has the ability to be  psychic and to be a medium.  

We are also  very much involved in Alms work.  That is defined by us, as  assistance to anyone less fortunate.  This is very important to the leadership of this church.  For, we are taught  by many masters that we are to care for the poor.  This also came up in several spiritual development circles as our push.  One spirit came through and said " the way to heal yourself is to offer healing to others."   Another spirit said "the only way to create darkness in the world to to block light"   When you sit in that power  of thought and meditate on it.  you are changed.  

Creating an inclusive community based on love

Practice and promote Omnism

We are creating an inclusive community based on love.  So, welcome to love, welcome to Open Arms Spiritual Church.  


We are based on Omnium.  As a religion we believe all religions have truths.  We seek each religion's truth and adapt that into our personal walks.  We practice    communication with All; our inner spirit, departed ones, Ascended Masters, alien races, and God.  We demonstrate this through mediumship/psychic readings, and spiritual healing.  These are practiced at most meetings of the congregation.   


Each week we meet in development circles, online.  See book online above for details.  


We also meet at various times to discuss  and study spiritual  topics.  See Calendar to find topic and times.  

We stress social justice Work.  Currently we are participating in feeding and clothing the homeless.  Portions of donations made on this site, go to help the needy, provide  safe drinking water to homeless,  purchase bus passes, and assist some with living expenses to avoid homelessness.  All worthy causes as per Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha and others.   Our future goals include opening an alms house to provide shelter to homeless.  we will not stop until all homeless are homed.  

Our Welcome Statement 

We are based on Love

and are creating a community of Inclusiveness.  

We Welcome  

All Races and Ethnicities

All Countries of Origin

All Beliefs

All Gender Identities

All Sexual Orientations

All Abilities and Disabilities

All Ages

Welcome to love, 

Welcome to Open Arms Spiritual Church

Visit Us

 Meet us  online for our development circles.   We work to help the individual  to grow beyond their goals.   Our Circle times are:

Sundays 11:00 AM not on May 28

Mondays 11:00 AM not on May 29th 

Mondays 7:00 PM  open on Memorial day 

Go to Book online in the menu bar and Follow the Prompts to get the link.  

Text 407-896-4010

Available Services 
  • Mediumship  Readings

  • psychic  readings

  • Spiritual Healing 

  • Tantric Healings

  • Marriage services

  • Funerals

  • House  Cleansings

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