Newsletter 2021



                                                             To OASC Family & Friends.

We are writing to you today to share some recent changes within our Spiritual Community.

Next, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we have let go of our physical meeting place temporarily. Our ability to afford a space that was not being used became a budget challenge. Until further notice, all Sunday Services and Weekly classes: Monday Night Mediumship, Wednesday Morning Meditation,  will continue to be held in the ZOOM Meeting format. Our new website is being tweaked with a monthly schedule/calendar, regularly updated posts & invites for Speakers & Workshops & Sunday Meetings. Our ministry and speakers continue to serve the congregation with love. We hope to open up in the Spring of 2021.


We also will be able to accept…..

Donations, Offertory & Class Payments as well on the website. These will help us to build up our online presence & website operating costs. Our board is on a mission to create a vision board to help us build up energy and focus on a new physical meeting and class space once the pandemic is back in check.

Due to the changes, our Board has also been reformatted. Your President/Secretary is Rev. Leslie Chaillou, Your Vice President is Marsha Hall, , Your Treasurer is Rev. Lee Peters. Your Trustees are Ed Chaillou and Tammie Abare.

Rev Robin Higgins has decided to step down from our Clergy Staff.

We are excited to see what Spirit has in store for us. With all of us working together? It’s going to be a wonderful journey for our community! If you need us? We are always here.

Yours In Spirit,

Pastor Leslie & Pastor Lee &The Board Of Trustees Of OASC

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